Picture Catchups - 2/20/14
After a bit of a hiatus, I've got some funny picture catching-up to do. The New Year seems like as good a time as any.

Spotted at the local grocery store - as if shopping alone wasn't depressing enough.

At a different grocery store. Either this woman works at a bakery, or is planning the most awesome 9-year-old-boy sleepover EVER.

What? It's just my neighbor, taking his pet giant tortoise for a walk.

Finally, from our Xmas adventures in Minneapolis (first MN winter for wife Kasey, left, posing as a homeless person)...

What harm could possibly come of this?

At the top of the hill, there's this sled graveyard, left as a sign to other potential sledders. Good thing we're too mischievous to heed a warning.



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