Gabe & Diana’s Wedding: Shot O'Clock - 10/15/13
And finally, after our own Wedding, after our crazy Panama mini-Honeymoon, Gabe and Diana's wedding in Long Island, my ninth and final wedding of the the year. Whew. Kasey's got one more.
Maybe the classiest wedding of them all - G & D's involved renting out the Carltun Country Club/Cigar Club/Fancy People Club, and more appetizer bars than I knew were possible. Half the guests gorged themselves so thoroughly that they took one look at their five course dinner and just gave it back to the waiter.

Someone also invented a new game where they would ask somebody what time it is, and the correct answer is always "Shot O'Clock". Then all run to the bar to drink tequila. It's a great game, and happened a few dozen times throughout the night, ending with Kasey standing on the after-party bar, screaming at everybody to drink more. I suppose something had to balance out the class-level of Gabe's bachelor party, earlier this summer.

Yes, we're an elegant bunch.



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