White People Music - 6/25/13
Last night, attended a Guster/Ben Folds Five/Barenaked Ladies concert at the Greek theater (yes, the one from that movie). They served tallboys of Longboard. A guy proposed to his girlfriend two rows back right before Ben Fold came on (luckily, the band didn't start off with "Brick"). It was terrific. At some point we realized we were basically sitting in a page from Stuff White People Like, and started making a list for a future game of Caucasian Bingo:

- Proposing to your gf at a Ben Folds Five concert
- Koozies for sales
- Hockey jerseys
- Cargo shorts
- Cargo capris
- Keds
- Face paint
- Acoustic guitar solos
- Frisbees
- Tallboys (choices: PBR, Heineken, or Longboard)
- JARS of wine
- Belt bags
- Corn hole games in the parking lot
- Straw hats
- Corduroy (anything)
- People throwing wiffle balls at the stage
- Track pants
- Sweaters tied around waists
- Hummus
- Multiple flavors of hummus
- Minivans
- Making a list of white people stuff for a website that stopped updating three years ago.

Those last five were our fault.



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