The Year of 13 Weddings - 2/5/13
This year, between my fiancee Kasey and I, we've gotten ourselves invited to 13 weddings. One of them is my brother's. Another one is our own. We're not cool or anything - 2013 just happens to be the year that everybody ever decides to get married. Last year went to one wedding. Maybe it's lucky 13. Or maybe it's the 30 panic.

Technically, a couple of these weddings fall outside '13 (and a couple more are floating ambiguously without dates, or we were postponed or we dodged an invitation - at one point we thought the number was going to be 15), but we're about to enter the gauntlet: starting tomorrow, we have 10 weddings in just over 6 months. It's party time. And time to make a separate bank account, just for wedding expenses.

I figured since I hadn't been using the ol' blog for much else recently, I'd dedicate Paulspond for the next little bit to recounting all these adventures undoubtedly coming in the months ahead, as well as to a countdown to our own wedding, and the craziness and tribulations inevitably therein. Hey, one only gets to do this once, right? Or 1.6 times, if one lives in America these days.

As a kickoff, a little link to our engagement photo shoot, which we just got back the results from... a great result after two hours of "hey, stand in those bushes," and "alright you too make out now, right in front of this store window".

Tony and Summer, you have the floor for Wedding #1!



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