Freddie Wong: Flower Warfare - 12/26/11
Guest post by Robert Lobitz!

There is something absolutely manly about the act of warfare. Of course there are service women on the front lines doing their duty as soldiers and marching with the best of them or training the new troops as female officers. Yes, you are going to find the occasional woman trouncing around the paintball and airsoft fields, but enjoying the feeling of battle is distinctly male. Im not sure I should be proud of that. I am, Im just not sure if I should be. Does this picture scream WAR in your face? Of course it doesnt. It is a picture of a bright yellow flower. It is even a daisy at that. Only a pansy would be even less aggressive.

Now, go watch THIS VIDEO and never look at flowers the same way again. This video is the creation of Freddie Wong and his friends who have produced some of the coolest after effect videos on the entire internet. This is one of their most well-known videos and it is obvious why.

Make sure to check out their entire library of videos for a lot more hilarity and awesome gun fights. There is one video where you get a peek into their props department at all of those awesome guns they use. They do not need any gun safes though. Every single one of their guns is a fake. They either use repainted toys or various kinds of airsoft guns. Im happy to see that they observe proper safety precautions, even with their fake guns. Anything that looks so much like a gun should be treated like one even if it only shoots little plastic BBs. With the arsenal that these folks have at their disposal, they would seriously need to find the best pricing on gun safes if they were real guns.



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