Venice Photo Tour 2 - 5/12/12
Four years ago, when I first moved to Venice Beach into a house lovingly called the Jungle, I posted a Venice photo tour, which proved to be a fairly fun and popular post. A few weeks ago, I moved again, this time in with my fiancee, to an even more "Venice-y" Venice neighborhood. So it's time to toss up another tour. Frankly, there's just too much fun shit around our new house not to.

Two doors down is this duplex of quadplexes (that's eight totally shitty units, for anyone counting), which proudly posts this sign. Note: A sign that says "No Drugs Sold On This Property" means: Drugs DEFINITELY sold on this property.

Across the alley from the drug house is this equally classy Cactus-&-Sheet-Metal garden.

Two doors in the other direction is this 4 million dollar Disney Concert Hall mansion. Ah, gentrification.

Parked nearby are these sweet rims. It's a crapshoot which of the three previously mentioned properties this truck belongs to.

The Mystery Machine.

Around the corner is the shadiest abandoned pre-school ever, currently prowled solely by either ghosts or child-molesters. Or child-molesting ghosts.

Another really expensive house, this one apparently made of origami.

And this one, art-deco'ed with a piece apparently salvaged from a 747 crash. Did I mention all these places so far are within a block of our house?

Wouldn't be a Venice photo tour without the every-Sunday Venice Drum Circle...

...featuring a guy with a parrot and a maraca, a dude playing a trash can, and whatever the hell that green guy is.

Robinson Crusoe house.

I'm not sure if this "Drive-By" gallery is a called that because is has so few exhibits you can see them all just by driving by... or if it's a gallery of drive-by's. Either is appropriate in Venice.

And of course, no Venice tour could be complete without a shot of five Priuses (Prii?) parked next to each other outside a pretentious (yet still shitty) bar. It's not all drive-by's and drug houses, people.



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