Florence Fight Club - 6/30/12
When my brothers are I were growing up, we had a game in our basement called "Smear", in which one of us would endlessly run around with a ball while everyone else tried to tackle them. Those were the only rules. There were many injuries in Smear.

Later, we invented an advanced version of Smear called "Brawl Ball", which was like Smear, except that the ball carrier could throw punches. There were even more injuries in Brawl Ball.

I wish someone would have told us about Florence Fight Club.

The video explains better, but basically there are these guys in Italy who play this annual game where two teams of several dozen guys basically just fight in a giant ring, and occasionally one of them throws a ball into a goal.

You know it's a good ball game when the word "ball" has been left out of the title and the word "fight" has been added.



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