Snatch - 3/31/12
More on this soon... but I recently got engaged:)

In the meantime, a quick story behind a picture, in a moment...

When I bought Kasey's engagement ring, I gotit - as all gentlemen who want to get a nice rock for their lady but don't want to pay Tiffany's 3x price it - at a downtown diamond dealer my friend recommended. A great stone, at a good price.

The guy's office was on the 12th floor of a diamond compound right in the heart of LA's jewelry district, complete with Orthodox Jewish guys who went around door to door asking for donations. Because he already donated through his temple, my guy didn't want to talk to them, so he had cameras installed (also, for the crime stuff) to see who was ringing his bell. And so, I snapped this picture, while he was appraising my stone.

Yup, just like the movie Snatch.



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