Hobbes's Chat Roulette - 12/17/11
Quick story from this summer:

I was staying with friends Genya and Dan outside of D.C. during my August travels, and we were back from the bars with nothing to do except discuss strange things. Inevitably, the topic of Chat Roulette came up, which Genya had never heard of.

"Oh, it's a fascinating exploration into human nature," I said. "Only problem is, you can't go more than a couple clicks without seeing somebody's wang."

Genya, never one to be deterred by such things, jumped on her laptop. "Oh yeah? Let's find out."

And she began clicking. A pair of girls in some dorm room somewhere. A bunch of mid-teens in hoodies in somebody's bedroom. An old guy. And old lady. Some chatted briefly, some just clicked away. Some interesting characters, but nobody that sketchy. I mean, sketchier than we were, a 30-year-old woman and two random guys casually drinking a beer in the background.

"I dunno," said Genya. "This is kind of cool and all, but nobody really stays for that long. And we've clicked like twelve people and have yet to see one of those wangs you promised me."

As she said this, she clicked to number thirteen... and there it. Filling up the entire screen, like whatever overweight dude was behind it was actually humping his webcam. Wang Central.

"Oop, and there we go," said Genya, closing her laptop. "Looks like I've once again overestimated humanity."

The philosopher Hobbes wrote that civilization was required to save humans from themselves, and that without it, people's lives would be base, brutish, and short.

Too bad Hobbes never tried Chat Roulette.



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