Meat and Abortion on Mille Lacs - 7/28/09
I'm back home at my cabin this week, so I thought I'd commemorate the trip with a few pictures from the Mille Lacs Lake area of northern Minnesota.

Considering that meat is my favorite thing in the world, and Mille Lacs is my favorite place in the world, well, then this must be my favorite store in the world.

Meat raffle! Are you out of your mind!? This is so awesome!!

Proof that ghetto-ass "Bait & Explosives" stores don't just exist in the south.

Proof that conservative-ass "Abortion is evil" signs don't just exist in the south. Though apparently this sign only has a problem with post-6-week abortions, since there isn't a heartbeat until then. 1 month pregnant mothers, abort away.

All's well in Minnesota, be back in LA and posting regularly again soon!



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