8 Unfortunately-Placed Price Stickers - 7/19/11
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A while back, I was at Barnes and Noble and had the good luck to spot this lovely book, "We Are the Ship", mischievously marred by an unfortunately placed price sticker.

And it inspired this post. Enjoy!

Canal brand cat food.

Jewel Quest. To try to keep this post from getting racist, I won't make any jokes about this game centering around collecting precious gemstones.

Headline says "Heat of the Night". Did I say I was going to try to keep this post from getting... Well, it lasted two pictures, at least.

Hot Ropes.

Complete cocktails.

They probably should have anticipated this when they named their main character "Anubis".

OK, one bonus one... this isn't really a sticker, just a hilariously misplaced advertisement... and an appropriately ironic wall distance.



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