11 Points Wants You To Hook Up - 6/8/11
A pause from my own selfish, silly projects for a second... to talk about someone else's awesome, silly project.

Longtime-friend and sometimes-writing partner Sam Greenspan runs the much-renowned 11points.com... and tomorrow his book comes out.

As if a hilarious book about tips for text-message seduction and how to awkwardly squirm your way into a threesome wasn't enough, Sam is also diabolically plotting to try to take over the Amazon ranking system by having his gangs of fans buy a copy of his book at the exact same time tomorrow. That time, in case you missed the giant graphic above, is 10am Pacific, Thursday June 9th.

As someone who is generally pro- diabolically plotting to take over anything, I plan to support Sam in his little endeavor, and encourage you too, as well. I hope we break the internet.

Alright, enough plugging (though what I've read of the book IS pretty damn great); I leave you with my favorite of Sam's old House of Knowledge videos, from back in the day when we did lots of internet videos. Remember those days?



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