What's the Opposite of a Sausage Fest? - 6/2/09
Everyone knows what a "Sausage Fest" is: it's a party with a ton of dudes at it, and very few girls (also known as a "Popsicle Stand" or a "Bad Ratio"). These gatherings, unless it's for a football game or a gay orgy, are generally undesirable. But what's the term for the opposite of a Sausage Fest, that is, a party with mostly girls? Most guys would simply answer "Awesome", but we're looking for something a little more descriptive.

10 Antonyms for "Sausage Fest"
Last weekend, a bunch of buddies and I and went wine-tasting, and found ourselves in exactly this situation. Why we were wine-tasting in the first place is none of your business, but it turns out this is a great activitiy for picking up girls, if you're single and don't mind high-maintenance bitches. Unfortunately most of us are NOT single, so we amused ourselves instead by coming up with the following list of terms to describe the female-dominated scene around us.

1. Clam Bake. Everyone knows this one.

2. Fish Fry. Doesn't conjure the most fragrant image, but perhaps it's really hot at this party.

3. Slot Tournament. Your odds are good!

4. Taco Stand. Num num, 2 bucks a taco!

5. Box Factory. So innocent-sounding, you could say it in front of your grandmother.

6. Muff Mob. Not as descriptive as some of the others, but I like the illiteration.

7. Tuna School. There actually is such a thing.

8. Hoohah Hoedown. OK, things are starting to go a little to far... but c'mon, you like the way it flows off the tongue..

9. Beaver Stampede. Gotta love the picture.

10. Axe-Wound Extravaganza. And now... we've officially gone too far.



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