NCAA Tournament + St. Patty's Day + Vegas = Trouble - 3/16/11
UPDATE: Back from Las Vegas, following a 3.5 hour drive to get there (thanks to a 5am leaving time and nice weather), and an 8 hour drive to get home (thanks to a noon leaving time and a monster storm that caused 50 million accidents). California people really just have no idea how to drive when it rains.

Betting on every game of the NCAA tournament has been going pretty well... I didn't pick VCA or Butler to still be alive (nobody did), but I did pick Florida State, Marquette and Richmond, so that's nice. General observations:
- Policy of betting against Big Ten Teams (except Ohio State): Went great.
- Policy of expecting 15 and 16 seed teams to beat spreads: Went terrible.

As for the rest of the weekend, well, most of the stories can stay in Vegas (mostly because you probably don't care), but my two favorite conversations from the weekend:

I'm walking down a sketchy side street from a late night poker game, as a nice car pulls in front of me.
DRIVER (a nice-looking, 20-something woman): Hey, you need a ride?
Well, I DO need a ride... but my mommy told me never to get in strangers' cars...
ME: No thanks, I think I'm OK.
DRIVER: Are you sure? I don't mind. (glances down at my crotch) I can make you come, on the way.
ME: Oh. No thank you, I'm good. That's very nice of you too offer, though. DRIVER: You're welcome!
As she speeds off, I notice a huge, angry dude sitting in the passenger seat.

My roommate Josh and I are walking through the Hard Rock's Nightclub, Vanity. Josh, drunk far out of his mind by this point, is for some reason actually holding my hand, like girls do, as he leads me across the floor. I find this to be a little bit strange, but mostly funny.
MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN WE PASS: Ew, you guys are gay!
Josh stops, looks at her, and without a word reaches out and grabs her boob. Keeps walking.
MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN (now angry): Your friend just grabbed my boob!
ME: Well, you called him gay.
MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN: He's an asshole!
ME: You can either yell at him about being gay, or yell at him for honking your boob. You have to pick one.

And then there was the fight between the two guys in the Excalibur lobby, which knocked over the wedding photo backdrop, because one of them punched the other's wife in the face.

So, you know, just a typical weekend in Vegas.

-------------- ORIGINAL POST:
Tomorrow, the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament begins. Tomorrow is also St. Patrick's Day. We've decided to mark the occasion by heading to Las Vegas. I think there's also some sort of beer-drinking tournament in town this weekend. There's at least a 22 percent chance I don't survive until Monday.

I'm not much of a gambler, but I think this is the sort of occasion that demands I bet on every single game in the tournament. So that's what I'm going to do.

We leave at 5am tomorrow, to get there by the 9am games. I have a pile of $1 and $5 bills I can't wait to fritter away on #13 Belmont over #4 Wisconsin.



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