Hit and Rearview - 3/8/11
I returned to my street-parked car this morning to find this.

Bastards! The old "knock somebody's mirror off, then pick the glass part up off the street and put in on the hood, then take off" trick. I know this, because I did some sleuthing:

See that little pile of glass there? This was no accident! Well... it actually WAS probably an accident, but they decide to be nice and move my already broken mirror to a place where it wouldn't get run over. And then, of course, they decided to be a dick and run away without leaving a note.

I wasn't even blocking anybody's driveway or garbage cans. Then I might have deserved it.

As it is, I'm not really mad. This seems like exactly the kind of thing insurance companies are for, and hopefully I won't have to pay much/anything for them to take care of this in a few days. In the meantime, it's not like I ever use that mirror anyway, except to pick stuff out of my teeth. And I should probably be thankful - this street (outside my girlfriend's house) isn't exactly the safest part of Venice... There have been three different shootings around here since she moved in 18 months ago. I'm lucky my car didn't get a bullet in it.

< UPDATE: Actually, it turns out this is exactly the kind of thing that ISN'T covered by my insurance, so Bad Car Week continues.:(

In happier news, Ralph's was having a sale on Chex, my favorite kind of cereal, for the absurd bargain of $2 a box.

So at least I'm all stocked up.



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