Birthday Olympics - 12/14/10
Saturday was Birthday Olympics. Honestly, I think these are funnier taken out of context, with little explanation...

...except this next one. This is Edar, a homeless man who saw our festivities and ask if he could have a run at the Slip 'N Slide Bowling.

We of course immediately agreed, at which point Edar began running, though in some kind of homeless-person-slow-motion, continued running halfway down the tarp, then slipped and fell right on his head.

He never even made it to the pins.

Check out all the randoms in the background, fascinated by our meat-head-ery. We were by far the most interesting thing happening at the park that day.

The early stages of one of the most competitive games of musical chairs ever. Jared gets injured at the end of this:

But look at those moves in the meantime!

CFerg won the Wizard stick competition.

The final board.



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