Wacky Symbols - 12/23/10

Today I discovered how to make wacky symbols in HTML, thanks to this sweet Wikipedia page.

Stuff like the card suits symbols ♣ ♠ ♥ ♦, which you can get by entering "♣", "♠", "♥", and "♦", respectively.

In case you always wanted to know that.

Unfortunately, when I switched to my other computer, I learned that some of these symbols are not supported by some versions of some browsers, and thus I couldn't see a few of them, like music notes (♫ - "♫"), dice (⚄ - "⚄"), and chess pieces (♚ - "♚"). So if you can see these, great - if not, sorry.

So much for my nerdy plan of recreating an entire chess board using only HTML.

Probably for the better.



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