Checkerboard National Parks - 11/15/10
This weekend my girlfriend Kasey and I drove from LA to Seattle for a long-weekend adventure. The journey was fairly eventful, including running out of gas, a cracked windshield (two days after I just had my old one replaced), and a flat tire change in the rain. Even a mundane bathroom stop at Dairy Queen resulted in Kasey using the mens room and my using the womens room in a strange series of events that involved a midget trucker. So you know it was a good trip.

Anyway, more on this soon perhaps, but I felt the need to share a strange discovery we made when mapping national parks in Oregon...

I've seen a lot of strangely-shaped parks in my day, but none like this.

Why the checkerboard pattern? And why are some of them shaped like Tetris pieces?

A little web research suggests that the park may be trying to slowly trying to recover the land from private forest products companies, which acquired it in square parcels from railroad companies long ago...

But I prefer to think that Oregon is playing games with aliens.



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