Hacked - 8/25/10
So Paulspond.com got hacked this weekend... what fun. Apparently, somebody got into one of the third-party javascript files I used to make those little Facebook and Twitter icons up there (see them, above?) do a cool little roll-over thing when you moused over them. Well, they don't do that anymore. Thanks a lot, hacker.

A lot of technical talk, but basically it made Google and Firefox think my site was distributing Malware or something, and of course Google and Firefox do not like that very much, and blocked my site from... well, everyone. Fortunately, I don't think it was actually possible to catch anything from my site - you just got a huge, red EVIL SITE warning if you came to Paulspond in the past few days. Sorry about that. Everything's better now.

Why would anyone want to do this? I can only imagine it's do dip into the millions of dollars* I make from ad revenue. Mwa-ha-ha.




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