What the Hell Is This? (part 3) - 8/2/10
Back from vacation in the mountains of Colorado, the Shore of Jersey, and the north woods of Minnesota. In hindsight, I guess that sounds pretty awesome/diverse.

Wonderful trip, no blog-worthy stories... except this, from our latest round of my favorite party game ever, "What the Hell Is This?". It should be pretty self-explanatory from the pictures, but it's basically Pictionary meets Telephone. As I promised my Minnesota crew, I've uploaded a few of the best ones. It's really amazing how fast you can get from "Jager Bombs" to "Kickball in Hell", and "Herding Cats" to "I Dream of Nazi Sheep"

Wienerschnitzel to Mexical Boat-Swain

How do you draw "Indiana Jones loves bananas in the ass"? Easy. Stickman, banana, arrow. Boom.

Biggest Loser to Pilgrim Concentration Camp

This one covers probably the biggest range of anything that happened. Ah, the consequences of none of your friends knowing how to draw.

Brain Freeze to Bat-Attacking Bear

But it's the middle that gets way out of control.

Glasses in Bed to Dateline Pedophile

There was also one that went from "Sexual Healing" to "Cock Ring Ballet", but it was unfortunately crossed out... and clearly the pictures were a little more than this website can handle.



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