I'm in the Facebook Movie Trailer - 7/17/10
In one of the strangest twists yet, I (and 11 of my friends) somehow wound up in the Facebook movie trailer that just came out.

I'm no actor (despite my rousing performance as Big George Cosmopolitan in our 6th grade class's performance of "Live a Little"), and I have absolutely no connection to the Facebook movie, other than being one of the 400 million people who accidentally encouraged its existence by having a Facebook account. But I do have a friend named Ilana who works for the editing company that cut the trailer.

They were looking for a still photo of "high school kids at prom" to go in an early photo montage, and Ilana suggested this one (link goes to Facebook, ironically), of a dozen of us before a 2009 New Year's Party. Despite the fact that I was 29 at the time (and partly balding), and even Ilana, the youngest of us by several years, was 23... somehow the picture beat out every other entry and made it into the trailer. Ah, the world of Hollywood 30-somethings playing teenagers.

So here it is. 41 seconds in, there I am on the far left. Being a 29-year-old teenager at Facebook prom.

They tell me my $.29 royalty check is in the mail.



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