12 More Overdramatic Road Signs - 6/28/11
Old friend and writing partner Sam Greenspan just posted a guest list I did on "11 Overdramatic Road Warning Signs". Check it out, because those are the really good ones.

But I found more than 11 crazy road signs on my mad drive across 48 states, and wild ride through internet land. Here are some ones that didn't make it... although some of these are pretty darn overdramatic, too.

I saw this sign posted sporadically around the rim of Oregon's Crater Lake. I remember thinking that if I was going to fall of a cliff, I would most certainly do so a little more elegantly than this. I also remember being fairly impressed by the quality of the sketch, which seemed to be in pencil.

This would just encourage me.

The cow's body cast really takes this to a whole new place for me.

Snow will fall on you, and a a big ass rock will fall on your car.

Why is every living thing in these pictures always falling upside down?


A none-too-subtle sign from Ireland.

This is why you don't vacation on Skull Island.

Thanks to Oddly Specific and ICanHasCheezburger for letting me repost a few of their pictures.



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