Michael Jordan Rocks a Hitler Mustache...? - 6/1/10
Some friends and I saw the new Hane's commercial during the Laker's game Saturday, and couldn't help but notice...

Is MJ rocking a Hitler 'stache!?!?

What could have possibly been going through His Airness's mind when he decided to sport the 1920's "toothbrush" look under his nose for his latest T-shirt spot? As far as I can figure, one of three things:

"You know, it's about time the one-inch mustache made a comeback, and I'm just the guy to do it. So what if the last guy to wear it was maybe the biggest villain in history? I'm Michael Jordan."

"I wonder how far, exactly, I can push these ad sales people? I know they'll already pay me whatever I want and do whatever I say... but let's see if I can really stretch it."

"You know... I think I hate Jews."

So either Michael Jordan is secretly a huge asshole, or else he's doing a great noble deed for fans of the short 'stache everywhere. Maybe next he can work on winning back the mullet.



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