5 Accidentally Hilarious Things Happening in the Background of Newscasts - 4/25/10
No, we're not talking about people making faces and flicking off the camera behind reporters, because there's a million of those videos, and people are morons. Besides, that's too easy. Rather, sometimes the camera just happens to be rolling at exactly the right moment when something awesome is going on in the background. These are five of the best times this has ever happened on the news.

1) Enormous Dildo Seized In Drug Raid

I grew up in Minnesota but don't remember seeing this on Channel 5 back in the days when they still had graphics like this. I wish I would have. It would have changed my life forever. For the better, obviously.

2) Who Put This Dick On My Back?

The timing on this one is almost too good to be true, especially when the guy walks back through and the reporter's mic picks up his voice.

3) Dogs Boning Behind Goat

Maybe the sight of the goat really got these two dogs going. I like that the camera man tries to pan back to the goat quickly when he realizes what's happening.

4) Streaker In Terrorist Report

Alright, this one isn't accidental, but if you're going to do something in the background of a reporter's shot, you might as well go all out. Apologies for the (thankfully blurry) full frontal.

5) Kangaroo Beating Off In Background

I didn't discover this until the very end of my search, but it's well worth it. Really, kangaroo? There's not a better place you can do that than smack in the middle of a big-ass field?



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