Helen Keller Falls Off Stage - 3/31/10
Oh, we're all going to hell for this one...

This is from a staged performance of "The Miracle Worker" and has been making its way around the internets...

Apparently, the thing you don't want to skimp on during a play about a blind/deaf girl is stage size. I’m actually not even sure what that pit was doing there – I’ve seen “The Miracle Worker," and I don’t remember there being an orchestra.

My friend Molly introduced this to me and pointed out that, even though you know exactly what’s going to happen (I endlessly debated leaving the title like that and finally decided “What the hell”), you just sit there in suspense for the whole lead-up, only to feel guilty when you laugh your ass off. Your only consolation is that you’re pretty sure the actress playing Helen Keller is probably not, in reality, deaf, dumb and blind (look at that sprite with which she launches herself back onto the stage!). Unless, of course, she incurred these injuries upon hitting her head on the ground after her fall, which would really transcend “irony” into a realm of “God mocking you.”

So like I said… we’re all going to hell for this one.



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