5 Racist Superbowl Ads - 2/6/10
Ah, the Big Game. The one day per year when you use your Tivo to fast forward through the program to get to the commercials. And the day when corporations everywhere spend millions of dollars for ad companies to whip them up somethings special to show during their 30-second slide of heaven.

And yet... ads like these sometimes still get through.

#5 Sales Genie: Ramesh

Target: Indians (dot, not feather)

Ah yes, who could forget last year's gem from Sales Genie about an Indian telemarketer who needs to raise leads to feed his starving family?

Actual dialogue:
Stereotypical White Boss: If you don't double your sales, you're out of here!
Stereotypical Indian Employee: But Hank, I have seven kids!
Stereotypical White Boss: Not my problem!

So maybe it's racist against short, Italian bosses too?

#4 Doritos: Black Date

Target: African Americans

Caveat: I actually think this commercial is pretty hilarious, but apparently some people found it racist.

Why? Perhaps because, according to the commercial, black people A) Are single parents B) Are interested in asses, and C) Get their points across through threats and violence? Oh, and they like junk food, I guess.

#3 Bud Light: Foreign Accents

Target: Everyone

I will say, if you're going to hit foreign stereotypes, you might as well hit all of them.

But it's OK, because Carlos Mencia is in it!

#2 Sales Genie: Pandas

Target: Asians; Pandas

Oh yes, we wouldn't omit this one, Sales Genie's even more racist commercial from last year's game. Researching this post was tough, because the first 50 entries on Google for "Racist Superbowl Ads" all lead to this one.

Gotta hand it to Sales Genie, though - before February of last year, nobody had ever heard of them. And as GoDaddy once proved, you gotta go low to get high.

#1 Just For Feet: Kenyan Runner

Target: Just For Feet's Stockholders

I don't remember this, but apparently it aired during the 1999 bowl...

Sometimes there's debate about whether or not an ad is racist. I'm having trouble coming up with arguments for this one...
"It's not racist because Africans DON'T have shoes."
"It's not racist because all Africans DO like running long distances. Barefoot. Through the desert. With no water."
"It's not racist because British-looking safari guys DO like hunting black people through the wilderness, then branding them with culture."
Um, yeah.

Runner up goes to Degree's "Mama's Boy" ad for it's awesome Jewish mother stereotypes.



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