New York - 2/22/05
Back from my New York city, which was a whirlwind of consumption, debauchery and brotherly shenanigans that can basically be summed up by the following photos:


This picture pair actually hits a number of weekend motifs:
1) Beer was involved. LOTS of beer.
2) We hung out a fair amount with Mark's roommates, one of whom is shown (Strat - in the first picture), the other of whom has a stand-in.
3) We never took off our yellow shirts the whole weekend.
4) If the pictures were Scratch 'N Sniff, you'd probably smell one of the 9 pizzas we ate over the weekend, reheating in the microwave.
5) We spent much of our time throwing Ping-pong balls into plastic cups. LOTS of plastic cups.
Yes, the weekend was pretty much everything we dreamed of.

Now here's a question: which do you think would cost more in New York: four new shirts and two pairs of pants from a local clothing boutique, or an hour of bowling for three people? Think carefully now; this is New York city.

Well, if the bowling alley you speak of is in Manhattan, and the "clothing boutique" you speak of is Conway, then it's not even a close contest. Apparently a game of bowling costs around $8 in Manhattan, so shoes plus two games for three people (for which my average score was a lofty 103) comes to nearly $70.

On the other hand, apparently new articles of clothing can be purchased for $4 in New York, if you know where to shop, allowing me to assemble a new wardrobe for cheaper than I could assemble 300 points in bowling. For $7 I came away with a new navy T-shirt and a nice button-up blue shirt.

And by 'nice', I mean I may or may not be able to wash it without all the buttons coming off.

That's one ugly baby.

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