Restocking - 2/13/05
February has been an eventful month, so far; I feel like I need to take stock of where things are at:

- I'm having a love affair with my new Honda Civic, especially the color. And after a week and 300 miles of joy-riding, it still smells like new car. Even after I drove to In'N'Out 'n back with the emergency break on.

- I sold the Spacemobile for $450 to a guy who's hopefully taking his son camping in its turquoise bowels (that didn't sound like I meant it to). I miss it, but I don't miss the myriad hassles it towed around like so many Ping-pong tables. And $450 dollars? Nobody saw that coming.

- 702, for the first time ever, decided not to have a party after one was proposed. Brian and Kolleen have also not gone out the past four thursday nights in a row. The times they are a'changin'. On the other hand, we've managed to trash our house every weekend since New Years, and I did get to run a race dressed as a drunken Viking last weekend. Maybe the times aren't a'changin' so much after all.

- I'm still on the same writing projects and same jobs as a month ago. And I felt like I've worked so hard! I guess that's what happens when you take on projects that never end.

- After a year and a half in LA, I finally had my first celebrity sighting (excluding all the LA Clippers players when I worked at the gym last year). Sam and I were grabbing dinner at a rather posh Hollywood restaurant last week, and who should I see sitting at the first table as I walked in, but Paul Majors. This is funny for several reasons:

  1. Paul Magers is a news anchorman, not an entertainment celebrity, so really I could have seen him anywhere. It didn't need to be Hollywood.
  2. In fact, until a few years ago, Paul Majors was a news anchorman in Minneapolis, so really I could have encountered him during any one of the 18 years we lived in the same Midwestern city. But no, we had to wait until we both moved to LA and went to the same trendy Sunset restaurant.
  3. I'm usually horrible at recognizing celebrities - the only reason I recognized Paul Majors because A) I used to watch him so much on the news back in Minneapolis, and B) he was wearing the exact same clothes, with the exact same hairdo he wears on TV. For all I know, he might have been broadcasting live from right there in the restaurant.
  4. I thought about asking him for his autograph, but I figured he was just there to enjoy some macaroni and cheese, just like we were. Also, do I really want Paul Majors' autograph?
A year and a half in LA seems like a long time to go without seeing a celebrity, but I do try and avoid the Hollywood celebrity scene as much as possible. And I got my fill during my college internships when I met Penny Hardaway and the entire cast of Malcolm in the Middle.

So that's the restock. Huzzah. Next weekend I visit Mark and Alex in New York, so I'm sure more events will be shortly added to the list.



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