Guest Post - Mark - 1/30/05
A guest post from my brother Mark:

I must preface this post by saying that I was a math major and consequently lack the literary competencies of my older brother. I apologize in advance for any ineloquencies (not a word) that may arise.

After Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, I felt it was imperative to impart my knowledge, and also a warning, about a drink that I like to call Run, Skip, and Go Naked (or Run-Skips for short). This is a drink that my friends and I invented in high school, and has since claimed many victims. Each of the last three times it was the featured party guest, at least one newcomer fell into the clutches of the mighty Run-Skip. Here is a brief recap:

1) Christmas Day ended with Mom being woken up from passing out at Steve and Deb's, being escorted home, and finishing the night with the famous quote, 'I'm really shit-faced.'
2) The first night that Run-Skips claimed NYC, my 23 year old roommate Strat found himself spooning his pillow at 9:45pm on a Friday night.
3) The second night, Strat's girlfriend Charys found herself tumbling to the ground after a less than impressive attempt to stand up.

Did I neglect to mention that it took but one cup of Run-Skips to cause all three aforementioned events?

If you have not been scared off by these stories of humility, you are worthy to spread the nectar of life that Jury 2 has helped create. Please proceed with caution as you enjoy this fabulous beverage, and make sure to drink a lot of water afterwards.

Run, Skip, and Go Naked
- One can lemonade or limeade frozen concentrate
- An equivalent amount of vodka
- 2 beers

A simple recipe that can very get you simply bent.

Note: Run-Skips also may have partially contributed to Brian breaking red wine bottles with a soft-shoe cane at our New Year's party.

On the way home from the Christmas night Run-Skips challenge, Mom also said that she, quote, "really wanted to go to Taco Bell."



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