A Weekend - 1/17/05
Idle hands make for the devil's work. And a weekend with everybody in town and no activities planned make for a lot of mischief for four roommates.

Friday night Noah, Brian, Kolleen and I went to an art-viewing wine-tasting event at a Hollywood hair salon, which arguably had a higher percentage of gay people than the gay bar we went to last week. Declaring it interesting but not exactly our scene, we then went to a local pub and did car bombs.

Saturday day brought two football games leading up to a night which brought two parties. I spent the day at the library; Kolleen spent the day kneeing people in the crotch.

We've decided to write an OC-style sitcom based on our lives as four random people living in a house together. It will be 100% based on true events. It will also only be able to be read by the four of us, lest we be liable for massive defamation lawsuits. Which is fine, because we'll be the only people who'll want to read it.



I wrote a book!

My ridiculous quest to roadtrip to all 48 contiguous states in 48 days.
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