Of course... - 1/13/05
...all this talk of the Spacemobile breaking down brings up the usual discussion of what to do with it once it crashes for good. Hopefully while recouping some of its many costs. So far the leading candidates are:

- Donate it to charity and reap the tax write-off

- Let the dealership scavenge it for parts and spawn a Frankenstein race of cars with Spacemobile parts... possibly with the intent of taking over the world.

- Park it by the river and try to lease it out to homeless people to live in. If they can't pay they can do odd jobs around our house.

- Put it in the middle of a field and charge people $5 bucks a pop to take swings at it with a baseball bat or weapon of their choice. Brian has already said he'd pay for at least 10 swings with a crowbar.

- Buy back the LeSabre and the Spacemobaby and have an ugly-ass-car demolition derby. Sell tickets to said derby.

- Our old plan of driving it into the ocean and collecting the insurance money.

These options get more fun but less likely to yield profit. But whatever works - by that point I'm sure I'll be pretty desperate.



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