The Magnum - 1/12/05
With the Spacemobile out of commission for at least a few more days, I decided to solve my transportation woes and pamper myself a little by renting a car. I suppose anything with four wheels and an engine would be pampering compared to the Mobile, but I figured maybe I'd be cool and massage my ego a bit with something small, sleek and sporty - in essence, everything the Spacemobile is not.

After discovering that most non-airport car rental places are closed on Sundays, and that most yes-airport car rental places were all out of vehicles, I ended up at Dollar. Unfortunately, Dollar Rent-a-Car does not share the name-claim characteristic of the Dollar Store or Dollar Beers, but it was still pretty cheap. My vehicle selection basically consisted of the guy behind the counter pointing to various pictures of cars on the walls and my saying "No, not that one. No, not that one. No, that's the first one again. OK, that one." There was also some confusion with my name - people often are reluctant to spell my last name as the litigious word it is, but JURRRY and JURYLA were new variations to me.

Otherwise my experience at Dollar was good. Since there were only three pictures of cars on the wall, I ended up with an '05 Dodge Magnum - a nice silver one. It's a little bigger than I had expected, but it's peppy and has that new car smell. And hey, anything called Magnum is a good thing to massage a guy's ego with, right?

Here's me, pretending to be cool.



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