Guest Post - Kolleen - 1/11/05

A new year, a new guest post! Well, it's been five months of PBNK and my life (and by life I mean vocabulary) has changed considerably. "Moted" has re-entered my life, and I couldn't be happier. Also, Peej and I are now a part of the Ming Dynasty. And I am the proud owner of a lovely and not at all inappropriate nickname. In other news, our house has finally recovered from New Years. It only took a week of clean up, and, holes in the wall notwithstanding, the place is livable again. Most shockingly, the ping pong table has retired to the garage indefinitely, or at least until the next party. Living with three guys is awesome, especially since they are all gay. Noah likes to shop, Brian likes to clean, and Paul likes to have sex with men's butts. Speaking of gay, I fear I am no longer welcome at Del Taco because of an unfortunate incident involving martinis and a gay bar. Well, happy belated New Years to all and happy early birthday to me!

To disclaim - by "unfortunate incident," Kolleen means she waited in line in the Del Taco drive through for 45 minutes only to climb out of the bar and yak against the side of the neighboring Savon once we got to the cashier's window.

And sure, maybe I like to have sex with men's butts. That doesn't make me gay.



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