Gay Bar - 1/9/05
I went to my first gay bar last night. It's a right of passage everyone should experience.

It was friend Kimmie's birthday and she wanted to go somewhere in Hollywood, so we rallied the truth and picked a spot. We thought "The Abbey" was going to be a very trendy Hollywood bar. Then we got online and discovered that, in the paragraph describing the place on Citysearch, the third word is "gay". The word "trendy" was temporarily replaced in our description and we changed our opinion and decided that "The Abbey" was going to be a very gay Hollywood bar.

It turned out to be both. Very trendy, very gay, and very fun. I've never seen so many kinds of soap in a men's bathroom. I've also never seen so many guys making out with each other in line for the bathroom.

I only got hit on twice, once by a guy who was so drunk he fell down some stairs after talking to me. The other time was by Tiff. I was kind of disappointed - I'd always kind of hoped that if I was ever to be a gay man, I'd be good at it. I guess I need to work on my gayme.



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