Own3d - 1/5/05
There's a trend on the internet currently called Leet Speak, or L33t Sp34k, as it would be written in Leet Speak format. It involves replacing letters with similar-looking but unrelated characters in the effort to pave a funky new way of typing on IM or in chat rooms. For instance, "e" might be replaced with "3", "t" might become "+", and "a" would be "@". Also, words are randomly misspelled, letter are randomly capitalized, and slang is heavy, as in "1'll 3@+ j00!" (I'll eat you). +H3 kw1Ck browN f0X jUMp5 0V3r T3h L@zY d0g.

It's seriously fucking annoying. We're talking right up there with LOL and emoticons.

However, one useful thing has come out of Leet Speak. Or maybe it came out of something else and Leet Speakers just picked up on it. This is the phenomenon is "Own3d". "Owned" is a term used describe someone or something getting severely wrecked by someone or something else. Like a jackrabbit getting hit by a Formula 1 Racecar, or a pidgeon getting hit by a Randy Johnson fastball (two of my favorite sports clips ever). It doesn't always have to be animals - Own3d could also refer to Shaquille O'Neal dunking on someone and wrapping his mammoth legs around their face. Synonyms would be "punked," "worked" or, in 702-speak, "'moted". I suppose Leet Speakers most often use Owned to describe one Halo 2 player getting totally killed by another Halo 2 player. L@m3.

I hate internet trends (except blogging), and I especially hate ones that defile the English language even more than Americans already have. But I do like seeing people get severely wrecked. So here's a bunch of "Owned" pictures I've plucked off the web (and put back on the web) for your convenience.

If you want to see more, just type “Owned” or “Own3d” into any image search engine. Or just log into your favorite chat room and type "h3Y, Wh3r3 c@N 1 g3+ $0m3 OwN3d p1X!?!?" And by doing so, suck completely.

Could these have been Photoshopped? Probably. I, however, am going to continue to assume they are real. Because it’s funnier that way.

Shout-out to my boy Stack for introducing me to the wonderful world of Own3d.



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