Pope Odds - 4/20/05
I guess they elected a pope yesterday, but I wanted to post this from last week when things were all tied up in Dunk Contest glory.

Roommate Kolleen was browsing the internet last week when she found this headline on Yahoo News:

Gamblers Betting Pope Will be Old, European

First of all, I love that people are betting on who the next Pope is going to be. And not just who it's going to be, but the very characteristics of the next religious leader. Like, I got ten bucks on the Pope being left-handed, or that he's from a city that starts with the letter "T". Too bad the potential Popes don't have cool race names, like Clemency's Run or Cath-o-tastic, or Vegas could have a really sweet-looking odds board.

Second - and I'm sure you, the humor-appreciating reading, have already spotted this - this is about the most blatant Onion headline ever. What, the Pope's going to be old and European? As opposed to what, an Asian teenager?

It makes me wonder if anyone's got money riding on the long shot of the new Pope not even being Christian. Not a likely bet, but man, think of the payoff! In this case, of course, use of the old rhetorical cliche "Is the Pope Catholic?" might have to be temporarily suspended... at least until the bookies can make odds.



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