Taco Bell Challenge - 4/8/05
Last night, after the bars, Noah foolishly proclaimed that he could eat more items at Taco Bell than I could. This was a terrible idea, given that:

A) I outweigh him by at least 50 pounds.
B) I grew up in a house where, if you didn't cram as much food into your mouth as you could before it was gone, you went hungry for 24 hours.
C) I once ate 13 slices of deep dish pizza in an hour because somebody told me I couldn't.

Actually, we both ate 4 items, but I got the nod because two of mine were half-pound mega-items. The following was our order at the drive-through window:

- 2 Baja Chalupas
- 1 1/2-pound Bean Burrito
- 1 1/2-pound Bean Burrito Especial
- 1 1/2-pound Bean and Potato Burrito
- 1 Grilled Stuff Burrito Taco
- 1 Grilled Stuffed Taco
- 1 Ranchero Taco
- 1 Grilled Steak Taco
- 1 Cheese Quesadilla

The Burrito Especial and the Ranchero Taco made it until morning, where the victor had claims to the spoils. The total bill for these items: $17.65

Today, the toilet area of our bathroom could only be described as a "crime scene."



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