Weekend Mayhem - 4/2/05
Honestly, I think I abuse my body more now than I ever did in college. I just sleep more to recover.

Saturday was our second annual 702 Random-Draw Beerpong Tournament. Now much to say, except that two guys I'd never met before ended up winning. Good times.

Prior to that, the house was the grounds of the first annual 702 Slam Dunk Contest, which was twenty times more awesome than could have ever been expected. Tune in later this week to vote on the winner of this ridiculous event.

Team Us
But the most photogenic event of the weekend was the first annual Hermosa Stripper Beach Football Game. We've decided that all great ideas are conceived over a pitcher of Bud Light at Sharkeez, and last week my Sunday beach football teammates and I lubricatedly challenged

Team Them
another team to a wild 'n wooly, no holds barred match... dressed as strippers. Similar to last year's Stripfest party, everyone showed up as a stripper who hadn't stripped yet... well, the pictures convey the idea pretty well.

Clothing was removed for each touchdown scored. I think we lost, but not to the point of being naked... to be honest, I don't really remember. Ironically, the thing that had spawned the game in the first place - getting to Sharkeez two hours beforehand - was the same thing that kept scores - and hand-eye coordination - very low.

For some reason, there seemed to be an exorbitant amount of boob-grabbing



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