Termite Carnival - 5/2/05
First of all, shout-out to my mom, who was born on this day some indeterminable number of years ago. Happy Birthday, Mama Jury.

I was having lunch on the Redondo Pier with friend Kimmie Friday and observed a couple of things of note:

First, half the Pier was blocked off because they were shooting the sequel to Big Mama's House, starring... I have no idea. Apparently they didn't learn their lesson after the first Big Mama's House. At first they wanted to kick us out of where we were contentedly eating Fish Planks and Funnel Cakes, but eventually they decided to use us in the background of a shot. There's a 99.7% chance you will never see us in the film (the shot was of a guy sprinting down the pier with a motorcycle-mounted camera chasing him), but it was nice to be needed. Even when I almost ruined a shot because I wanted to punch a pigeon that had landed on my funnel cake.

The other interesting thing was this:

You know how when a house needs to be fumigated for termites, they cover the entire building with a wacky-colored tarp to trap in the fumes and bugs inside this huge Big-Top Circus Motel of Death? Well, apparently sometimes entire apartment buildings need to be fumigated this way. Apparently there are wacky-colored tarps big enough for this. And, apparently, sometimes they need to fumigate not one, but three giant apartment buildings at once, all right next to each other.

The result was like something out a acid-induced Candyland nightmare. It was, at the same time, one of the most scenic and one of the strangest sets of pictures I've ever taken. I was waiting for an army of clowns to pour out of these ridiculous structures and start spraying everyone with poisonous seltzer water. Or for a carnival barker to put up a sign announcing that the world's largest Moon-Bounce had just been completed, and for ten-thousand eight-year-olds to simultaneously arrive and start climbing all over the place.

The lengths we go to to rid ourselves of nature's wood-eating pests. As if the Redondo Pier isn't carnival-like enough already.



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