What I've Been Up To – Part 1: Castrol - 5/26/09

Anybody following Sam's and my website Pandasmash knows that there hasn't been much for new videos recently. Part of this is because Pandasmash has been broken (not broken to watch, just broken to upload new videos to), which is why you haven't seen Sam's (high budget) Punch Out Rap Video or my (low budget) evil laughing babies video.

But the other reason is that we HAVE been making videos… just not Panda videos. Our work at Break has been putting us in charge of their various Ad Sales video campaigns, which have been consuming most of our video-making time (and spirit) over the past 5 months. The good news is these projects usually have much higher budgets than our usual videos; the downside is, they usually aren't that good. But sometimes they are, and so to prove that I haven't abandonded the web comedy format that's been so kind to me the past couple years, for the next three days I'll be posting a couple clips from this past phrase we've been in: spending other people's money making ridiculous videos.


This is the second episode of a 7-part series I directed for Castrol, which is basically Mythbusters for Cars.

The first episode got totally Ad-Sales-ified and is thus lame, but a couple of the eps turned out well, and I got to direct my first bikini car wash scene and stunt driving scene in episode 3.

To see all the episodes (some of which haven't come out yet), click here.



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