Barely a Musical - 5/9/05
The weekend brought a reading of our new musical, Barely a Bear. It went fantastically.

The weekend also brought my good friend Sean to town, who scored the piece. Last time Sean was in town, we managed to cram a 36-hour weekend full of some of the most ridiculous fun possible. This time was no different; our schedule for the weekend consisted of something like: Thursday: Cinqo de Mayo festivities. Friday: Musical prep, parties. Saturday: Musical reading, jamming afterwards, parties. Sunday: bars, beach, lunch, bars, pack, barbeque, take Sean to the airport. Pictures to come.

The weekend also brought a quick yarn, curiously tied into the story theme. Casey, one of the actors in the musical reading, left his keys, wallet and cell phone in Jess's bag (Jess, and old writing friend from Northwestern, wrote the book for the musical). The stakes were already high in that he didn't just lose one of these important items, but all three. Keys, wallet, cell phone… what else is there? The stakes were raised by the fact that Jess lives in Hollywood, 20 miles from where Casey lives by us in South Bay, and traffic is terrible on Saturdays. The stakes were further raised by the fact that Jess was moving to New York… that very night.

A denouement was reached when we all met up at In 'N Out off the freeway and all items were safely returned. But in a day about storytelling, it's ironic that this tale escalated and was resolved so formulaically.



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