SAT Stumper - 5/10/05
I've been tutoring SAT prep for 2 years now, and I recently came across perhaps the toughest math problem I've ever seen on the test. It was the very last problem on an easiest-to-hardest math section of the New SAT, and it's a real doozie. So I pass the challenge on to you.

Can you do it?

I finally figured out the answer, but it took awhile and the method I used left something to be desired. I'm wondering if any of you smarty-pants readers out there can help me find a better way. Anyone who can get the right answer and explain a good way to get it quickly will be featured on this site as Genius-of-the-MonthTM, a title of highest esteem, which I'm creating especially for this contest.

You can also suggest a better title than Genius-of-the-MonthTM, if you like.



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