Donkey Balls - 5/25/05
Not to draw attention away from this site (much love to all you lovely people out there who keep checking in every so often - if you haven't noticed, I've been trying to post at least every other day recently, and hope to continue doing so)... But sometimes other websites do such awesome things that they simply must be recognized. For the next little bit, I'm going to try and let you all in on some cool stuff I've found online recently .

This first entry falls under the category of "I can't believe they have a site called that". A while back, my friend Pat and I got in a discussion that somehow ended up on the topic of Donkey Balls. .Don't ask. Actually, the discussion was more about whether or not there might be a website called I was complaining that "...I need to find a better browser because it sucks fat donkey balls when IE keeps crashing on me. Possibly because of that site about fat donkey balls I visited."

Pat responded: "You should try Mozilla Firefox." (I later did - it rules). "And I hope there's not actually a site called"

Turns out, there is. Actually, isn't the technical name of the site, but some coffee shop did bother to buy that URL and link it to their website. Where, among other things, you can buy a delicious pouch of... yes, you guessed it, Donkey Balls.

I wonder if these chocolate Donkey balls contribute any business to my dear friend the Hawaiian dentist who emailed me a while back.



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