Speaking of Which... - 5/26/05
The whole Donkeyballs thing reminded me of a game Ari and I played at a bar in New Jersey when I was on my roadtrip. The goal was to try and come up with crazy website names that may actually exist, then have the other person try and guess whether or not the site is real. Unfortunately we were at a bar and not a computer, so it was difficult to check, but anyway neither of the hypothetical sites we could remember (whitepeoplerapping.com and pornornotaporn.com) ended up being real when we got home.

But there are some real messed-up site names out there. So here's a quiz. Three of the following web addresses are real sites. One of them is not a site but leads to one, one is a site under construction (and let's all hope they finish it), and one of them I just made up. Can you guess which?

Click on the links to find out. I promise none of them are porn sites.

- www.eatadickstraightup.com
- www.buttpaste.com
- www.penisland.net
- www.ratemytaint.com
- www.corkintheassholeofprogress.com
- www.menwholooklikekennyrogers.com



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