Best Search Hits - Gaining Stability.. - 6/6/05
Sorry for all the "look at somebody else's website" posts recently. Saturday was the SAT, and, therefore, my first day in several weeks not helping high school kids learn the difference between "ascetic" and "aesthetic".

A couple people have asked me recently why I've stopped posting the "Best Search Hits" string report I used to do every month. Have people stopped finding my site by Googling "omelet maker employment" and "Pitchers skunk boyz"?

No, actually the answer lies in the way my site tracker keeps track of search referrals. It only lists the top 20 or so most popular strings people used to find my site in the past month, and partly since my daily visitor count has quadrupled ever since we did the dunk contest, now anything with less than 7 hits doesn't even make the list. So, unfortunately, I no longer find out about the bismarck-loving guy from Milwaukee locating me via "bavarian campsite wisconsin", unless he does it on the first of the month and I check right away.

Instead, I've started getting hit for the same things over and over again, month after month. Some of them I can understand - others I cannot. The top 6:

#1 - Ugly baby - I get at least 600 hits from this a month.
#2 - Funny midgets - This one's good for about 100 hits a month.
#3 - Muff diver - Don't ask.
#4 - Other variations/combinations of #1 and #2, such as ugly baby pictures, demon baby, ugly midgets, funny babies, hell baby, little midgets, etc, etc, etc.
#5 - Enrique Inglesias - I honestly have no idea about this.
#6 - A bucket of KFC chicken - OK, this actually only got one hit, in June, but I thought it was funny. Score one last laugh for the "Best Search Hits" legacy.



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