Beer Voices - 6/7/05
The most popular beers in our apartment are as follows:

1) Bud Light
2) Coors Light
3) Corona

Actually, everybody likes Corona the best, but Bud and Coors get the nod because of their affordable volume discounts at the nearby Vons.

If you come over to our house on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon or evening (and sometimes morning), these beers will talk to you. They will beg you to drink them... and by "they", I mean Noah or Brian will beg you, ventriloquizing the beers' voices while moving the can tab up and town in imitation of moving lips. It can be very convincing.

Click to hear the voice of Bud Light. It's very pleading and sad - how could you not want to drink Bud Light after hearing this?

Click here to hear the voice of Coors Light. For some reason Coors Light sounds very much like Count Dracula.

Aside from these two, the voices of other beers typically mirror their country of original. As you might imagine, the voices for Corona and Asahi Japanese beer are both funny and very racist. Believe it or not, too racist to put on this website.

Come over to our house on a Saturday afternoon sometime if you want to hear them.



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