Noah's Nudist Phase - 6/8/05
In February, my roommate Noah went through a nudist phase. Not that he joined a camp or anything, but we'd frequently come home to find him completely naked, sitting on the couch, with a throw pillow covering his prized possessions. I think mostly he did it for the shock value, or possibly for the delightful feel of Kolleen's mom's couch on his bare butt. I hope his bare butt delighted the couch as well, because no one else will sit there anymore.

Though Noah's nudist phase has since subsided, it occasionally resurfaces in the form of mooning or in the form of what Noah likes to refer to as his "Man-gina". Other roommates are occasionally dragged into these naked relapses, such as the time Brian played an entire game of Beerpong with his ass hanging out, or the time I got suckered into playing a game of HORSE in which one of the shots was a Man-gina Layup. I made the shot -- the neighbors called the police.

One such instance of Noah-inspired-public-indecency occurred last weekend, when my old college friend Chrissy was in town. She and two friends came to our house for perhaps an hour, during which time they saw enough of Brian's and Noah's naked bodies to make a grown man blush. It began while Noah was laying under his covers naked, to which Brian responded by jumping on his bed and yelling. Noah responded by jumping out of bed and chasing Brian around naked, to which Brian responded by getting partly naked himself (only from the waist down), until they both ran into my room, where we all were, and stopped to pose for several pictures.

"Is it always like this around here?" Chrissy asked me later, scrolling through several photos that will never, ever be posted on this site.

Not always, Chrissy. Only on Saturdays and Sundays.



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