Idaho Trip part 3 - Lava Hot Springs - 8/4/05
After Golden Spike the parents and I headed across the Utah/Idaho border, but not before a fork in the road left us with a decision about whether or not we wanted to drive to a protected bird sanctuary that lies near Ogden. We had paused at the entry to debate the extra hour drive when we'd slept about 8 hours between the 3 of us, when a huge bird, on its own accord, flew right into the windshield of the Civic, leaving a little chip and a nice bird smear across the window.

"What do we need to go into the bird sanctuary for?" my dad asked. "The birds come right to you."

So we crossed into Idaho, and spent the night at a Bed and Breakfast in Lava Hot Springs. Lava Hot Springs' claim to fame is that it's one of the only natural hot springs in America that isn't caused by sulfer deposits, thus it has a normal smell instead of the usual rotten egg-fart smell. The B & B we stayed at reminded me an awful lot of an old 1920's sanatorium, until I found out that it was an old 1920's sanatorium.

We stayed up late drinking beer, and reminiscing about old family stories in the non-egg-fart springs, and contracting tuberculosis.



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