Teaser/Chicago Post 1 - 8/19/05
At this point, I've gotten so far behind on my posting that the 20-day back-log hasn't even caught up to the weekend I spent in Chicago two weeks ago. In the meantime, interesting stuff has been happening in LA… so over the next few days I'll be alternating between posts from Chicago and what's been going on here, including such developments as StripFest '05 and the new roommate situation. I'll be jumping back and forth, between now and then, past and present, like a kid with a time machine. Or a back-logged website.

JURY: Where are we gonna go for breakfast? What's around here?
VERDE: Um... there's an Einstein's... and an Einstein's...
JURY: Is there an Einsteins'?
VERDE: I think so.

Whenever Verde and I hang out, mishaps usually follow. Actually, mishaps usually just follow Verde anyway, whether I'm there or not. During weekend in Chicago this time, whoever, mishaps were kept to a minimum... at least compared to stuff like Verde taking his phone into the ocean, drinking 40's with me on our roof at 8am on a Monday morning, and narrowly avoiding a gay male orgy (the story I didn't post during his last trip to LA. OK, we did cause the death of a pigeon and almost saw a guy get stabbed, but that's really small potatoes if you know Verde.

Also contributing to the mitigated mishaps was the fact that I spent half the weekend with my best friend from high school, Charlie, with whom mishaps are usually limited to drunken canoeing and broken collarbone accidents. Together with Verde, the three of us went romping around Grant Park, bar-hopping and causing mischief and throwing frisbees into Lake Shore Drive traffic. Verde and I also woke up on the cement embankment about ten feet from Lake Michigan on Friday at 5am, before Verde was supposed to be going to work... which he promptly did not do.

I guess some minor mishaps did occurr, after all.



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