Super Zorch - 5/25/09
This might be the dorkiest thing I ever post, but when I was a kid, my favorite video game was Dr. Mario for the original Nintendo. Flash forward 20 years, and Nintendo has progressed to the retro-game-compatible Wii, which my roommates and I sadly had both the immaturity and expendable income to buy. And of course the first retro-game we downloaded was Dr. Mario.

In the game, when you zap multiple lines with a single piece, it's called a combo or a "zorch", a ridiculous term made up by our friend Jeremy, for no other reason than to annoy us. And late one night recently, slightly drunk and really bored, I decided to go for the biggest combination I had ever seen... the elusive 19-combo. Aka, the Super Zorch.

I'm proud and disgusted with myself at the same time. If anybody has seen a zorch as big as this one, send it along and I'll be relieved that someone is wasting more time than I am.

And by that I mean I'll probably have to waste another night figuring out how to make an even bigger one.



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